The Sims FreePlay has released a new game update called “Shabby Chic” which has rolled out to all players!

This update lets you strike the perfect balance of antique and country-living style with our inspiring reimagining of the iconic ‘Shabby Chic’ trend. With a mixture of vintage luxury and provincial style, ‘Shabby Chic’ was one of the highest rated themes in The Sims FreePlay’s player survey earlier this year. It’s inspired by rustic and distressed white and pastel furniture – all available in upcoming events.

To help you get prepared for the Influence Island Season 26 event, and all future events coming up in May & June, we’ve collated them below for you!

Here are the playable event dates for this update (all dates in PST):

  • NEW Influence Island Season 26 Shabby Chic Kitchen: 10-day event starting from 3 May
  • NEW SimChase Season 41 Competing Cottages: 9-day event starting from 3 May
  • ‘Time Capsule’ Player Favorite Event: 7-day event starting from 12 May
  • NEW ‘Lovely Lattices’ Live Event: 10-day event starting from 13 May
  • NEW SimChase Season 42 Stained Glass Showdown: 7-day event starting from 22 May
  • NEW Maternity Pack 27: Start a 9-day pregnancy event between 26 May – 3 June and successfully complete all goals to win maternity rewards!
  • Influence Island Season 7 New York Bedroom: 10-day event starting 26 May
  • ‘Café Grande’ Live Event: 10-day event starting from 31 May
  • NEW Pride Party Pack: Free Pack available 1 June
  • SimChase Season 26 Bathroom & Bedroom Bedlam: 9-day event starting from 3 June
  • ‘Boutique Hair’ Hair Hobby Event: 7-day event starting from 5 June
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what time cafe grande will start?