I am very excited to share this new blog post on TheSims.com that has been created to commemorate Pride Month. June is the month chosen to celebrate Pride, which is about the LGBTQ+ community coming together in celebration, protest, unity and solidarity, and an opportunity to raise awareness of issues facing the community.

The month is important because it marks the start of huge change, highlighting how far we have come and also of many injustices and attitudes that remain in society. It’s all about raising awareness, improving attitudes of society, and encouraging inclusiveness. Being able to be your true, authentic self.

As part of #PrideMonth, and alongside other amazing LGBTQ+ Sims Players, I have been able to share a bit of my story about how The Sims helped me come to terms with my sexuality and live life as my true, authentic self.

Like you, The Sims™ believes in making a better world, both virtual and real. For us, that means a world built on connections and creativity, filled with the joy, smiles, and confidence that comes with finding (and being) your true self. So let’s celebrate that and stand together this Pride Month! Whether you’re a rock star, a mermaid, a parent of two hundred, a boy or a girl or neither or both, be proud. Because you make The Sims; Pride makes The Sims!

The Sims community is a beautiful and diverse group filled with love for one another. Ahead, we’re catching up with a few Simmers who identify as LGBTQ+ to chat about the importance of community in general and how they’re empowering others to be their true selves. Wherever they’re from, whoever they love, however they identify, these Simmers are all making The Sims proud.

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