Check Out This Mural for The Sims 1 From 2003


SimGuruLyndsay has been very active on Twitter recently and sharing some interesting things about The Sims!

On Wednesday, she shared the rankings of all Sims 4 Game Packs, Stuff Packs and Expansion Packs, which gave us an insight into how popular each pack was after one year of release.

Today, she has shared a gem from the past. In fact, this particular thing is from 2003 when Maxis moved from their original studio in Walnut Creek to Redwood Shores.

Lyndsay has shared a mural for The Sims 1, which covers every pack released from the base game all the way through to the Makin’ Magic expansion. It’s nostalgic and I absolutely love it!Sims 1 Mural from 2003

Lyndsay shared on Twitter that it was something she designed back in 2003 and it “lived on the wall for YEARS as a giant mural”. To this day, they still have canvas prints of it around.

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