The Sims 3

From time to time, EA retires online services to focus on newer products. Occasionally, retirement of features will come to an older Maxis title.

In the past, retired services include The Sims Online/EA-Land, The Sims 2 website, Darkspore, The Sims On Stage (remember that?) and now, The Sims 3 on Console.

As of July 2nd 2018, all online services for The Sims 3 will be unavailable. This shouldn’t impact anything drastic, as the game is single player, however items such as the store and exchange will be unavailable.

Affected Services:

  • The Sims 3 Online Services for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

The Sims 3 on Console was released in 2010, so almost eight years of service is pretty good going, especially when you consider online services for The Sims 3 Pets on console were retired a long time ago.


  1. IF anyone out there bought this DLC and can help me get it through download list / account sharing / ??? / let me know. I just am a sims superfan but I never got the chance to buy this DLC from the store and now they are gone:


    Melding Asian motifs and contemporary comfort with this pack.
    This furniture collection always has a sense of humor, much like a fortune cookie.
    BAH-HAUS $??? ($10?)

    Sneer at the rest of the design world and build cutting edge structures that embody light, strength, and flexibility.
    BahHaus, so cutting edge it hurts.
    Make sure to have band aids on hand.
    CASTLE INTERIOR PACK $??? ($10?)

    Now your Sim’s desire to live the part of royalty has finally come true.
    Everyone knows that a Sim’s home is their castle.
    The Lord and Lady can live happily in the castle of their dreams surrounded by the gothic furniture.

    The latest trends in Moonlight Bay hairstyles are now available.
    These new haircuts will transform your Sims.

    Chic and sleek but always keeping comfort in mind, the Ultra Lounge set updates the jet set 70’s look for today.
    Strong lines, curves, and an eclectic mix of metals and woods are the hallmarks of this daring design.

    Nothing says I’ve got more style than years like these ultra-hip bedroom sets.
    From high-tech fabrics and floral mirrors, to bunny clocks and robots on the wall.
    There is something for every boy and girl in this collection of fashionable furniture.

    Too cool for school? You bet. Too cool for the rest of the house? Yep.
    This teenage haven has personality, spunk, and way too much style for its own good.
    Best of all this bedroom set has its very own TV for the teen who wants to watch their favorite shows in their own style.

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