Get ready, we have four new ways to play – today we’re releasing our eighth SimCity game update which features free content with four dynamic new regions and the Roman Casino, as well as in-game improvements like the ability to turn off disasters and a fix for Great Works. Keep reading below for all the details.


New Regions

With Update 8, we’re releasing four new free regions (Serenity Key, Rambling Badlands, Verdant Jungle, and Desolation) each designed to take advantage of the Cities of Tomorrow expansion pack releasing on November 12. While these regions are perfect companions to theCities of Tomorrow expansion, all players can build in them, starting…today! Unlike the previous free regions we’ve released (Edgewater Bay and Granite Lake), these new ones are desert and tropical-themed, giving you brand new foliage and climates to build your cities around, as well as multiple freeway entrances for commuting Sims. Want to learn more? Level Designer Kyle Brown dives deep into the creative process in his blog post here.


Roman Casino

Cha-ching! Hit the jackpot in your gambling city with the free Roman Casino. Entertain your medium-wealth Sims with entertaining add-ons like the Baccarat Room (perfect for increasing the capacity of your casino) and the ear-pleasing Concert Hall to lure in all those spend-happy tourists.



Curse Mother Nature no more – random disasters are now optional in the normal game mode. That’s right, we listened to your feedback, so if you desire, you can happily build knowing tornadoes, earthquakes, or even brain-loving zombies won’t destroy your progress or your patience. All you need to do is turn off random disasters in the gameplay settings and you’re set.

Another big improvement is a fix for Great Works. With Update 8, building Great Works will synchronize across all cities in your region, meaning you will not only get all the benefits from your International Airport, Arcology, Solar Farm, or Space Center, but you will also be able to see your personal projects all throughout the region.

These are only a small sampling of the changes available in Update 8. For the full release notes, visit here. And make sure to give us your feedback on our official forums. Let us know what you think, Mayors!


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