Hello again, Mayors! I’m Gameplay Scripter John Giordano. If you’ve read our The Academy and OmegaCo blogs, it might be obvious that these two organizations are perhaps a smidge dissimilar from each other (and by smidge I mean vastly incompatible). The Academy is a bastion of order and harmony, while OmegaCo is a chaotic, money-making demagogue obsessed with urban dominion. The Academy uses advanced technology to spread earth-saving sciences across the region, while OmegaCo thrives on environmentally-destructive automation and Sims that can’t read fine print. Like me, you may have trouble deciding which path you want to go down, but also like me, you may not want to be forced into a decision. Thankfully, there is nothing stopping you from trying to make a city that combines both of these specializations into one, glorious city. Behold, Omegacademy:


That’s right! It’s possible to have Omega-filled Academy cities, or Academy-filled Omega cities (whichever you prefer). While by no means should it be considered easy, there are a number of strategies you might use to get there. I’ll give a rundown on my attempts and let you debate if I took the right approach or not.

The first important decision will be choosing a starting city. For OmegaCo Extraction Pods to be successful, I’m going to want a city that has both ore and oil, and particularly one that has these resources stacked or fairly close to one another. There are a number of maps where this is possible in the four new regions we are releasing with the expansion pack. I chose Desolation, which has a number of nice, flat spaces that are filled with yummy-delicious resources. To start my city, I built The Academy portion of my city upwind. This is important because OmegaCo is going to create large swaths of air pollution that Academy residents are not going to like. The first thing I’ll want to do is work my way through the Academy tech tree to get all the neat innovations that can help mitigate the problems that will come up with Omega. Here’s what I’ll research:

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