❗ Full Into The Future Preview Coming Soon ❗

With all the technology we have today, who could not look into the future and imagine a world without robots? I can’t at least and it appears Maxis see’s robots in the future. The Sims 3 Into The Future expansion pack introduces Plumbots! These new robots are great fun, playable, customisable and can help you out with anything you want.


You can create your very own plumbot (if you have the simoleons!) at the Bot Emporium in Oasis Landing, the new futuristic world. This emporium is not a rabbit hole, so yes, you can see inside of the lot! Plumbots can be edited in Create A Bot (CAS) and there are loads of customisation options! You can change their voice, gender, head, body and legs. All of your plumbots will be unique in appearance and the way they behave. Plumbots have traits, like your Sims and pets. You can add and swap traits by getting a Sim to tweak the plumbot.

Below you can check out the gallery which is packed full of images that I took when messing around in Create A Bot!



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