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Most expansion packs have brought a new world to The Sims 3 (I’m looking at you Generations & Seasons!). Into The Future is no exception with the all-new world called Oasis Landing. This futuristic world comes in three states depending on the type of future. There is normal (which is the one I have in my screenshots), utopian and dystopian. During my time playing I did not trigger an alternate future for my Sims, and hopped straight into the “normal” future.

Everyone will have the opportunity to travel to Oasis Landing. Simply look out for a loud sound and prepare for the camera to shake! A friendly time traveller, a new character in this expansion pack, will arrive on your lot and you have to collect power cells to charge up the time portal (also available in buy mode). You can then dive into the future and land on a home lot where you can stay during your visit.

The world features new community lots where you can buy things, including the bot emporium and hangout areas. There is also an area which “rejects the future”, so to say, which is shown through the style of homes and the way the families dress. So much work has gone into this world – I couldn’t help myself and I took so many pictures of it while I was playing at the community day! It’s something so different for The Sims franchise and Maxis have managed to pull it off. I believe that this world will appeal to you and has something for everyone; whether thats the design of the world, the new rabbit holes, lots, Sims, or Plumbots.

Check out the gallery below for a peek at Oasis Landing!

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