sww at Platinum Simmers was one of the many Simmers invited out to Gamescom. While they were there, they got to have a hands-on with the final expansion for Sims 3, Into The Future!

Now this is the skill that makes the pack worth it for me, it is similar to the Alchemy skill from Supernatural (my favourite skill). Remember the Chemistry set from Generations, I will always say that Maxis missed the boat there and should have made the chemistry skill just like alchemy and now bot building.


If you have seen the movie Minority Report, the movements your Sim makes on the  Bot Building station are very similar as Tom Cruise does in the movie. 

You can build a plumbot, trait chips and nanites. We have seen create a bot earlier in a live broadcast but playing with it myself – it is very fun and a lot of options!


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