DutchSims 3 Master is well known in the community for his amazing house building videos on YouTube. He has recently passed 10,000 subscribers and I was fortunate enough to have the chance to interview him.

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Thanks for joining me for this interview! Can you please tell us a little bit about yourself for those who do not know who you are. 

I’m DutchSims 3 Master and I have a YouTube channel (http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC85LZO8Z9kEg6GWnLtO0CKA ) on which I upload Sims 3 videos. I upload speed build videos and also many different Let’s Build series in which I talk while building and also give tips on how to build a better house. Some Let’s Builds I’ve done are: Let’s Build a house, a dorm, a resort and an Amsterdam canal house.

What inspired you to create a YouTube Channel and create video content?

One day I was watching some random videos on YouTube and for some reason I ended up watching Sims videos. I’ve always wanted to become an architect and this game seemed to be perfect for that, so I decided to buy it. After playing it for some months I decided to make a video of a house, because I wanted to share it with other people. Even though my first video wasn’t very good, I enjoyed doing it and I decided to go on with it.

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When were you first introduced to The Sims? Was it love at first sight?

I was first introduced The Sims (1) approximately 5 years ago, because my sister played it. (She played The Sims 1 even though The Sims 2 was already out) and because of that, I sometimes watched how she played and I started building my own houses. But I didn’t really understand it because I was a little bit too young. Then I kind of forgot about the existence of The Sims for 2 years, but then I found out about The Sims 3 and I started playing that.

What type of Sims player are you and why? 

I’m definitely a Sims builder. Actually, building is the only thing I do in the Sims. I never create Sims or play in Live mode, I only build. When I was younger, I used to play with Lego for ages, building houses, cars etc.          

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The Sims 4 has been revealed at Gamescom and we were shown how The Sims will look and a glimpse at Create a Sim – what were your initial thoughts?

I think it looks amazing and I like the cartoony look of it. I’ve actually played CAS mode when I was at Gamescom this year. I wasn’t invited to Simscamp, but I decided to go as a guest because it was so close to the Netherlands. I really liked the fact that you can change the shape of the body by just clicking and dragging. It’s almost like playing with clay, just like producer Rachel Franklin said. 

Do you play any other games in your free time? 

Yeah, I like to play Far Cry 3 and GTA IV on my PS3. Also I like to play Rollercoaster Tycoon 3, because also with this game you can use your creativity, just like with The Sims. (I actually have a Rollercoaster Tycoon Let’s Play on my Youtube channel)

When GTA V comes out, I’m definitely going to play that.  I can’t wait.


Where do you get your inspiration to build? I can never think of anything good when I try to build!

Usually I have an idea of a part of the house in my mind. I start with building that part and usually the rest of the house follows by itself. Sometimes I search for examples on Google, but I never re-design houses exactly as on the photo. I always add my own ideas to it.

You’ve almost reached 10,000 subscribers. Do you plan to celebrate when you reach that amazing milestone?

Originally I was planning on building a world for The Sims 3 for all my subscribers, but because the Sims 4 is announced to come in early 2014, I decided to not build a world, because they wouldn’t be able to enjoy it for very long. Now I still have to come up with a new idea. 

Note: As of publishing this interview, DutchSims 3 Master has hit 10,000 subscribers!

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What advice would you give to someone who wants to create their own YouTube Channel?

My biggest advice to everyone who wants to begin YouTube is to not give up. In the begin it’s hard, but when you start getting noticed, growing will go faster and faster. Also I’d advice to make HD and widescreen videos. Because those are way more pleasant to watch. In the beginning, asking other simmers to check out your videos can also help, as long as you ask it polite and don’t spam. Also it’s important that you like what you do.

Thanks for doing this interview with me! I really appreciate you answering these questions.

Thanks you for having me for this interview and I hope people have got to know a little bit more about me because of this interview 🙂