Hello readers! I (Djeranotjuh) went to GamesCom on the 22nd of August to check out The Sims 4! It’s my first time that I went to GamesCom and I really didn’t know what to expect. After a long trip, I finally arrived at GamesCom! My first reaction was “Wow, It’s huge and there are a lot of people!”

SAM_4372(Yeah it was pretty sunny, so that’s why i look like that)

After a lot of walking and searching! I finally found the EA Booth with The Sims 4! It looks 1000x better when you see it in real life!










(Click on the images for a bigger view)

So as you may already know, you were able to check out the CAS part of The Sims 4 at GamesCom. So I did check out The Sims 4! The Create-A-Sim is really amazing. You can create the sim you want! You can change everything from head to shoe size. (Sorry to say this but there isn’t a height slider) You can change the way they walk, their voice and more. It’s really that AweSim! This is the Sim I created at GamesCom!

ATT00001 ATT00002I think the Sims in the Sims 4 look better than the Sims in The Sims 3! (But that’s my opinion.)

And the best part about GamesCom was meeting some YibSims! Like Curtis Paradis, TheSimSupply, SimGoodie, Simified, iPodZeeke, Chrillisims and Rachybop! I still can’t believe that I really met them in real life! (Thanks to iPodZeke for taking an amazing picture of me with SimGoodie -sarcasm-)