I have had the opportunity to sit down with LifeSimmer, known for her awesome YouTube videos, for an interview. Read on and enjoy the interview!

2ef299dc53ce297b262e503db8c2932fWhat inspired you to create your YouTube Channel and videos?
Well a few months prior to making videos I got addicted to some Sims lps. I was addicted, I spent days just watching them.

It was pretty awesome.


You have recently hit 100,000 subscribers! Congratulations! How did you feel when you achieved this?

I was shocked. I never really thought I would get views and to think I have over 100k people supporting me, its astonishing.

I never take it for grant though, I am just like everyone else.I consider myself a very lucky girl.


Could you tell us about the first video that you ever posted? Is it still available to watch today?

Yes, and it is a very scary sight. I wouldnt recommend it but people tend to get a laugh out of it.

I wont delete it because that’s where it all started!


How long have you been playing The Sims games? Which Sims game got you hooked? For me, it was The Sims 1! It still remains my favourite Sims game.

Same here, I have been playing The Sims for over a decade now. I started off with The Sims Deluxe and shortly purchased all the expansions to go along with it.


What is your favourite Sims game? Aside from The Sims 1, my other favourite has to be The Sims for the Playstation 2.

Those are actually my favorites! I loved The Sims for Playstation 2! I also loved The Sims Bustin Out. Good times!!


What are your thoughts on The Sims 4 so far? We’re still awaiting the big reveal at Gamescom so it’s an exciting time. Could you tell us about any features you want (or not) see in the next installment of The Sims franchise?

I hope we get to experience a more realistic gameplay, the graphics might be more in tune with cartoon. The gameplay is what im looking for, I want a solid base game that can be enjoyed with/without expansions.


Do you enjoy playing other games apart from The Sims?

I love other games, im a huge gamer. I love The Walking Dead and Minecraft. I can’t wait for season 2 of TWD.


If you could design any expansion pack for The Sims, what would it be about and what new features would it consist of?

I would create a disaster kit, the whole deal. I would want tornados, hurricanes, blizzards, and my biggest fear tsunami.


Aside from creating YouTube content and Simming, what else do you like to do with your free time?

I tend to hang out/Skype with my friends, I also love cleaning which I know is pretty weird for a teenager. I love it though.


For those who are interested, can you tell us the links to official LifeSimmer pages?

YouTube Channel : http://goo.gl/642iL
Twitter : http://goo.gl/C9kyb
Website : http://goo.gl/c2Rja5


Thanks for doing this interview with me for BeyondSims! It’s been great fun! Is there anything else that you’d like to say to the readers of this interview?

Thank you Dan for this amazing interview. I will leave this with a pretty corny closer. Happy Simming!


Thanks again, and keep up the great work!