As you may have noticed, SimCity has updated yesterday with the 3 major patch, Update 4.0. Along with still more fixes and tweaks (which you can read about here), a number of features have been re-enabled or added as new completely.

First off, and a big boon to those playing multiplayer games, is a Region Filter search. This allows you to look for open games by Map Name, whether it’s being played in Sandbox Mode or not, and for Abandoned Cities to snap up.

The Global Market has also been re-enabled. What do I mean, you may ask? Wasn’t it working previously? Yes and no. Previous to now, the Global Market has been stagnate supplying the same totals for each trade able resource. The Market was meant to fluctuate like a real-world stock market, taking the buying and selling of resources by the entire player base as a way to calculate what it should go for. All of those players who specialize solely in Computer Creation will have to adjust their play style accordingly, as it’s been a bit of a glitch until now.

A brand new map has been made available as well, making it the first addition the game has had. Dubbed Edgewater Bay, it houses 7 cities and one Build-site. Each city is connected by rail and highway, which makes this world unique and a great play for Multi-City Play. Unfortunately, the map sizes are still the same as launch.

One final interesting addition is that of a brand new plopable. Read more about it here:

Launch Park: As a thank you from the Maxis Emeryville studio, players will find a unique new park in their game. The Launch Park caters to medium wealth residents and improves your happiness in the city. Players will notice that the park will periodically launch a Turtle, Cheetah, Llama, Heart and Cloud hot air balloons into the air. This park will be available for a limited time (once you have it, however, it’s yours to keep), before it’s put in our vault.

I say interesting, as it’s only a limited-time deal, so snap it up before it’s gone the way of Disney DVD Collections. Keep checking BeyondSims in the coming days/weeks as there is a lot of DLC talk, including an Amusement Park Pack and New Stores 🙂

Source: SimCity US Blog