Now this DLC I could really get into. Has a strong Roller Coaster Tycoon vibe to it.

Hi there, Mayors! My name is Jason Halvorson and I’m a Gameplay Scripter on SimCity. I’m here today to introduce our newest content set, the Amusement Park releasing May 28th on Origin.

The Amusement Park is a tourist attraction similar to casinos and landmarks, however the way in which you use the Amusement Park is very different. We really wanted to add new content that not only enhances the look and appeal of your city, but also give you even more things to do as a Mayor. And that’s what this set does – in addition to managing your city like always, running a successful Amusement Park is almost a mini-game in itself. Sound fun?

In this blog post, I’m going to outline how the Amusement Park works, the differences between it and other tourist attractions, as well as some tips on how to make sure your park is as profitable as possible.

First off, your city earns money from the Amusement Park is by having guests either go on rides or purchase goods from concession stands. Unlike landmarks and casinos, where you’re paid by the amount of guests you have in your attraction, you’ll need to actually get your park guests to rides and concessions stands in the most efficient way possible. So what does that mean? It means you’re really going to need to pay attention to the layout of your park in order to maximize profits.

The first thing you’ll need to do is place down one of the three available main gates for your amusement park. Each gate comes with one ride, one concession stand and a stub of road. You’ll want to extend the stub of road that comes with the main gate in order to give yourself more room to place additional rides and concession modules.

There are five different kinds of modules:

Signs – These can be placed by your park entrance to attract more tourists to your park. In fact, it not only benefits your park, but all tourist attractions in your city. I highly recommend placing a sign as soon as possible as it’s a fairly cheap module that pays for itself rather quickly.