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During the day, EA hosted a live chat over Skype with Graham Nardone and Lisa Smith. The group of us at the event were able to ask questions you sent to them, and I asked two questions with Rachybop, who also asked two questions.


As you can see from the video, I kinda threw Graham off with my question about The Kraken, Sharks, etc. spawning in other worlds. He sent me messages on Twitter later in the evening answering my question. Here is what he said about them spawning:

  • The kraken will show up in any world – as long as you’re in a boat there’s a chance for it to appear.
  • Mermaids will have a chance to show up in any home world that your Sims live in, although they’ll be rarer than in Isla Paradiso.
  • Sharks won’t automatically show up as they use their own unique spawner. If you want them in other worlds you’ll need to place a spawner.

I also asked Lisa about Dragon Valley and where the team got  their inspiration for the world, and I was extremely excited to hear that it started with them wanting to bring back dragons from The Sims Makin’ Magic expansion pack! The world is very nice too, so I encourage you to go out and purchase it if you’re a fan of store worlds.

Some other things to note from this Skype interview, which I found extremely interesting:

  • You can have mermaid babies!
  • You can not create mermaids in CAS if you have Supernatural, but you can create with lifetime wishes or by adding them into your family when you become good friends.
  • You can not put uncharted islands into custom worlds.
  • You can not go diving in other worlds as the waters are not deep enough.
  • There are plenty of buydebug things for you to play around with.
  • Pets are not recommended, especially horses! They’ll get their own taxi out to the boat!
  • You can own multiple residential properties.
  • Seasons do not directly affect resorts, but you can have seasons in Isla Paradiso.


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