Goodie Boxes debuted a number of months ago for a super short test-run, presumably so they could bring them back now or another time in the future. They are up from today until May 1st, so there’s again on a little amount of time to indulge if you’re interested.

They tweaked the results a little bit so now you won’t get a set if you’ve already gotten it included in a compilation from the store. They’ve also made it possible to show you what you’ve gotten from the boxes by enabling a search function in the latest website upgrade.


As before you have the option to go for either a Build/Buy set of boxes or a CAS set, with different payscales for each. You can buy 1 box for 300 SimPoints, 3 boxes (with a bonus box equaling a total of 4) for 900 SimPoints, of 5 boxes (with a buns of 2 boxes equaling a total of 7) for 1500 SimPoints. In addition to the items in the box, you may obtain a bonus item of anything really, including Sunlit Tides Gold Edition.

Come one! Come all! Take a chance and open a Sims 3 Store Goodie Box – the latest innovation from the Sims 3 Store! Offering the entire store catalogue of home décor and CAS, the Goodie Boxes give you a chance to win completely random items and sets, guaranteeing that you will win at least the amount of simpoints you spend! For those lucky enough win – you might even receive a gold version of a world (if you don’t already own it)! You only have until May 1, 2013, so take a chance and win some amazing Home Décor and CAS items with the Sims 3 Goodie Boxes!

Set your Sims—and yourself—up for a little surprise with a Goodie Box! For a limited time only, you can purchase a Goodie Box* containing Store items you do not already own. In addition to the content that you purchased in your Goodie Box, you may receive bonus content that can range from an individual item to a set or to an entire world! The number of items you get can vary, but Goodie Box contents are always worth more than what they cost, so you get great stuff for a great deal!

Questions? Check out the Sims 3 Store Goodie Boxes FAQ.

Has anyone tried them yet? I’ll admit, I did a bad thing and broke down… picked up the 900 SimPoint Build/Buy Bundle. I just couldn’t deal with the ‘what ifs”! Would NOT do well at the Lucky Simolean Casino 🙂