I was just checking out the Goodie Boxes, which are out today for another limited time (with some *bug fixes* over the last set mind you), when I noticed over in the left hand menu this button:

When I clicked on the new(ish) button saying ‘Get bonus SimPoints Compliments from our Sponsor, I got a pop-up viewer for Pull-Ups, and clicked the start button.

After 20 or so seconds of diaper-talk (oooh… yay), I clicked the continue button.. and was treated to 10 free SimPoints! After my 5th try, the button seems to have disappeared, so I wonder if this is a feature that was placed during the recent downtime to the Store, and is meant to launch at another time. Maybe with more toddler things?

While I shudder at this type of smartphone give and take offer, I was treated to 50 free SimPoints and will be eligible for another 50 tomorrow according to the fine print if it pops up for me again. Unfortunately, this is apparently only available for North American audiences, and I am unsure if changing the region settings on the store page will do anything. If not, Spon1Player is out of luck and theblackscorpion and I are in le money!