Just wanted to remind everyone today that there are two livecasts that will be streaming later on. The first is the part that didn’t get fully looked at for The Sims 3 University Life during the last super-huge-cast. Check out the info below:

Hey Simmers! We are hosting another Live Broadcast on Friday, March 1st at 10am PST focused solely on The Sims 3 University Life. Producers Brittany Henry and Lauren McLemore will be back with a new live demo of The Sims 3 University Life and delving into some really exciting gameplay. Tweet us throughout the show @TheSims3 using the hashtag #TheSims3LB to ask questions, share your thoughts and interact with us! We’ll be taking questions from both Twitter and Cover It Live so send them in and we’ll get to as many as we can. Log onto http://www.origin.com/ts3_march_livebroadcast to view the Live Broadcast on March 1st. See you there!

We’ll have that up for you to watch along with us a little closer to the time 🙂

The second livecast is a continuation for the week-long SimCity series, Let’s All Be Mayor. Each day leading up to it’s North American release some SimCity staff play 4 HOURS WORTH of game based on the theme of the day. Day One was Disaster City, then Casino City, and yesterday was Green City. Today is “In The Shape Of….” so it should be interesting. Neat points on the series; the playthrough is pretty much completely controlled by the viewers, as they make polls every couple of minutes regarding how the city should develop (to some pretty funny results). The second point is that they have been joined almost each day with someone who had a hand in the game’s development for quite a while, and they take questions while controlling the game with your desires.

That broadcast starts in just under 4 hours, so if my math stands you could check it out first then scoot over to University for a while and scoot back… if you were so inclined 🙂