A “user” has “leaked” a video of the SimCity Beta showing off 11 minutes of gameplay from the tutorial. The reason why I say “leaked” is because EA’s staff know about this video, and have been sharing it. This game is looking better and better, watch the  video and tell us what you think!

EA has removed the video original video, check out another upload below.

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This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by EA>


Oh man.. the video is removed now.. Anyone got any other links? =c


Not going to happen. EA’s trolling all the fansites and social video sites for these. The Beta Agreement has a confidentiality agreement that includes the prohibition and distribution of the following:

Post or distribute any screen captures, pictures, videos, podcasts, screenshots or any other representations, known or unknown, of any content in the Game or other Beta Materials.


Hah hate to rub it in but I still have a copy of this video 😀 I opened it and left it in the background and its still fully loaded.


It is still on youtube I think. Just look for: Simcity gameplay and set filter to: Today.

It’s french video.


the people animation still looks weird!


The game has such a warm feeling about it. Love how some of the audio was lifted straight from sims 3 xD