SimGuruTaterTot v2 posted a thread about upcoming store releases… to summarise:

Tomorrow (Thursday 25th October) there will be two Halloween themed compilation sets (no new content) released, which are…

  • The Enchanted Bundle of Dark Dealing, which appears to be a collection of magical Premium Content items in the Store.

  • No Tricks, Just Treats Costume Compilation, which appears to be what it says on the tin – a costume compilation!

The day after (Friday 26th October) there will be a bunch of Halloween themed sales running through till November (meaning the last day of sale will be October 31st).

Next Wednesday (October 31st, a.k.a. Halloween) there will be a 24-hour hourly Daily Deal (a deal every hour, for a whole day).

The day after (November 1st) we will finally be getting some new Premium Content! We will be getting a preview of it next week!

On Saturday (November 3rd) the Halloween SimPoints bundle (with the 12 hairstyles) will be taken away… so if you want the hairstyles in them, you’ll have to buy the bundle before November 3rd!

Find the thread here.

Source: SimsVIP