For everyone whom is making the upgrade to Windows 8 tomorrow, such as myself, you’ll be pleased to know that as long as you have the latest patch (Patch 1.39) then The Sims 3 will work fine! This was confirmed by SimGuruGraham, which I found while browsing through his Twitter.


I was planning on writing a blog post on getting the game to work on Windows 8, as in the preview releases the game was incompatible unless it was running in compatibility mode.



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Dan is the owner of and has been simming since the early 2000s! He originally joined this website in Early 2011 when it was called SimPrograms, before assuming ownership and rebranding it as BeyondSims in Late 2012. Since then, the site has shared breaking news, been invited to EA events, shared plenty of reviews and much more! Today, Dan continues to share his passion for the franchise on this website! If he had to pick, his favourite Sims game would probably be The Sims 2 Open for Business!
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Oh god. Windows 8. >.<


but it will not work on ARM and Windows RT


For the first time I am intrigued to learn more about Windows 8. I’ve always just been of the mentality that they are trying to hard to copy Apple these days. I might actually upgrade if I can get it for $40.
I stopped caring about Windows a long time ago…I’ve moved on to Android and Ubuntu as my primary devices. The only reason I keep Windows around is for the sims.


Might be, but I don’t like the looks of it at all. It’s so blocky and so ”touch screen” like. I’ll skip this one and will stay with Windows 7. Works great for me aswell!
But ofcourse, it is all a matter of taste! 😛



Oh god. Windows 8. >.<

Performance wise, it’s great!


All Windows 8 is, is Microsoft trying to force their Windows Phone interface on people. THAT’S ALL! It will fail like Windows 2000/ME and Vista. They’ll most likely release an alternative within 2 years or so that goes back to the normal Windows UI.


When you get down to it, it’s STILL MS-DOS under the hood. Which is lame. lol


Nope. Still not getting Windows 8.


It would be a nice upgrade… if it was able to run The Sims 2’s installer! If they fix that, then I might switch over.


how do you make it compatable


Downloading RetroUI solves the ‘blocky look’ to windows 8 – RetroUI brings back the regular desktop screen.


PPL if widnows 8 doesn’t support some games, like the medieval it’s because EA just doesn’t care about fixing it. I was afraid of not liking 8 but u get used to it in 2 days if u try, and u will love it.


I have windows 8 and I just bought it and I love it but im afraid to download the sims 3 seasons on it…My sisters tell me that it is recommended to wait but I really wanna play… My RAM is 4 GB and (64bits) Should I download it or not?

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