A preview of SimCity! 🙂 (It’s real good 😉 )

 A tall, bearded man welcomes us to the demonstration of SimCity, his caffeine energy betrayed by the dark circles under his eyes. Enthusiastic almost to the point of mania, this is a man who seems to offset the stress of developing a near decade-in-the-making god sim with the help of a 24/7 Red Bull drip. You can’t blame him.

SimCity Screenshot

Maxis producer Jason Haber might not have the weight of the world on his shoulders, but he’s juggling several entire cities set over a massive slab of grassland, and delighted in showing them to us one by one. The first is Transportopia, an industrial town under a crown of factory smoke. Wholly geared towards production like a Russian gulag based in Pleasantville, there’s an ordered chaos to the fleets of lorries delivering materials en masse to the hundreds of mills, plants and refineries which churn out steady streams of goods around the clock. This is where people make things.


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