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Holy Cow! Our poll has FINALLY reached 1000 votes!!! That’s what I would have said if I had the patience of a saint and didn’t mind waiting another week or so. But because I don’t… Ladies and Gents, Monsters and Ghouls! Today, I am announcing that we will be giving away a copy of The Sims 3: Seasons!

And here’s how to enter:

1. In the comments section below, tell us who your favorite Sim is and why.

2. THAT’S IT! If you do this, you’re in!

Now… For the rules.

1. You MUST have an account on the site, comments by unregistered users are void.

2. You must supply a valid email address.

3. One Entry per Household/I.P.Address. We’ll know if you are cheating on this. If you cheat,, you will be disqualified and permanently banned from the site! NO EXCEPTIONS or EXCUSES!

4. You must live on planet Earth. We will NOT ship the game to SimMars. ๐Ÿ˜‰

5. SimPrograms Staff and those of other fansites are ineligible to enter.

6. Contest begins Friday October 26th 12:00 AM CDT and ends November 26th 12:00 AM CST.

Good Luck to all that enter!

Bonus: There’s still a 2nd secret thing related to the poll, and I’m gonna give 2 tiny spoilers about it.

1. One of the candidates of the Election Poll is the key to unlocking this 2nd secret thing.

2. This 2nd Secret Thing is similar to the 1st Secret Thing, but with smaller.stuff.