Once you read it, make a guess at what it could be in the comments section below!

Source: SimsVIP

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Captain THPS4

That rules out the pool slide, unless it’s constantly on fire lol. A lot of people seem to think it’s glass blowing, that’s probably what it is. I’d like the bonfire to return, that would go great with Seasons.


That was the first thing I thought, Captain THPS4, lol. I really have no idea. The part about “raising” some eyebrows has me more intrigued than anything else. Does that mean that it’s going to be something a tad on the racy side, or controversial? I doubt it, but it’s a possibility. Maybe it’s something totally unexpected, and that’s why it will raise eyebrows….OR, could it be meant literally?…as in our Sims’ eyebrows?


Maybe the lighted reindeer which would shock sims in the sims 2 when they petted it.


It’s the New Town’s Baking Oven.
What rises? Dough?
What singes? Fire?



It’s the New Town’s Baking Oven.


What rises? Dough?

What singes? Fire?

Uh, no. That world will be released “This Winter”. That’s most likely December as it wouldn’t be too long after the release of Seasons. But it obviously has something to do with electricity or fire. Either that or maybe it has a moving face and fire. Be sweet if it was a roller-coaster similar to the one from Makin’ Magic but with fire and what not.