While the expansion’s different sim types all have their own individual appeals, players may find that the witch/wizard role is the most satisfying of the bunch. While they do not have a huge inventory in means of spells at their disposal, what they do have can be quite entertaining. Not only can they brew magical potions that act almost like dev hacks at times, they can also conjure up items that may or may not be worth a nice sum of Simoleons (the game’s currency), charm sims to affect statuses such as hunger and bladder, and even cause a little mischief through invoking ghostly haunts or a case of pestilence. Fun stuff.

Of course, not everything with Supernatural is as super as it could be. While the game’s “cast” is well spread out, as are the themed objects and actions that go along with them, players will be disappointed to find that there is only one career included with this expansion.