I The Black Scorpion have obliterated the old poll but spared the results and prepare to launch the new poll! Muahahahahaa!!!

Old Poll Results:

Sunlit Tides is the newest Store World and will be released tomorrow. It’s the 3rd Store World of the year and the second with a GOLD EDITION. If you buy this new world, will you pay extra for it?

No (41%, 230 Votes)

Total Voters: 566

Man, those results are weak! C’mon humans, you can do better than that… I hope.

New Poll:

With Supernatural coming out this week, all of us who get it will have new saved games on our PC’s and Mac’s. But this may change with The next gen of Sims Games.

The new poll question is this:

How would you feel if future Sims 3 Expansions or The Sims 4 used Cloud Storage for saves instead of saving to your PC/Mac? Do the poll and then tell us in detail in the comments section of this post.

Saving to the Cloud = Server Save Game Storage and it requires a CONSTANT INTERNET CONNECTION, this is one of the reasons why the New SimCity requires your PC/Mac to ALWAYS be connected to the net/online. No internet connection = No Play/Save. Also = One sad Black Scorpion. 🙁