After constantly pausing and searching through this trailer.. I finally found 4 possible hints in this trailer that are related to weather somehow. Could this mean that EP8 could be Weather/Seasons?

In this one we see snow on the mountains is getting a little closer towards town. Thank you Spon1Player for pointing this out.

In this screenshot, in the far right corner, you see a painting with a house and what appears to be a lightning bolt.

In the background, the moon has changed to a crecent (not really hinting weather, but it is a change in the moon’s pattern; obviously related to the werewolves’ change of form) and the snow on the mountains is really obvious now as well.

In this screenshot, in the painting behind the man’s head, is a house with what seems to be very stormy weather.

I may have missed some, and if you see any more, please tell me! 🙂 What do you guys think? Do you think EP8 will be Weather/Seasons?