Preparations for Machinima Monday Spotlight!

As many of you may know, I am apart of the TS3 Machinima Community (if there even is a community to begin with).. and from two+ years of creating machinima, I know it is extremely difficult to get noticed in this so-called community; even if you create quality machinima.

There is one major thing I have noticed in these past two years:

  • Videos with no dedication and Directors who rushed through filming and editing to just throw it together; they don’t really care tend to get more of an audience and positive ratings.
  • Videos with great dedication and Directors who put many days and sleepless nights editing and filming; who pour emotion into their work tend to get less of an audience and negative ratings.. usually it’s only once in a blue moon that a dedicated director gets spotlighted (ie. lReMi07l, faalq, 3WordsArentEnough)

So that’s what I am here to fix and maybe cause an impact on certain Directors’ audiences. And no, I will not be showing favoritism.. I am simply scavenging through unnoticed machinimas and spotlighting them to attract a larger audience. Also, if you know a machinima director or a machinima that you believe needs to be spotlighted, leave them in the comments below so they can have a chance to be spotlighted that next Monday.

“Tune in” this upcoming Monday for the first Machinima Monday Spotlight! Can you guess what machinima will be spotlighted?