This one I know we have not covered before. The site Art Whisperer has done an interview with Lacey Bannister, Creative Animator for The Sims 3.

RobinP: You told me you played Sims long before you considered the career. How many years were you playing before you studied gaming arts? Was that game particularly what moved you to studying this form of art?

LB: My sister and I had a few computers growing up. There are three games I can recall playing: King’s Quest, Myst, and The Sims. I don’t consider the Sims in particular as being a large influence in the direction of my passion as I was much more enamored by monster makeup, Jurassic Park and Titanic.
RobinP: What did you love most about the program?
LB: It’s interesting. To this day, the CA program was the most challenging thing I have ever undertaken. I knew I could draw. I was an artist and I wanted to make special effects like those in Jurassic Park. I really had no idea how to use a computer further than playing a music or video game CD. The counselors at Ringling said not to worry. Their admittance was based on artistic talent, whatever the medium. They can’t teach their students to be artistic but they could teach them how to use a computer. I dove in head first. Little did I know I’d be hitting my head against many things along my journey to understand, live, eat and breath computer animation! I most value my end product, Bella Musica. I was the sole, director, modeler, animator, rigger, lighter, musician and cinematographer of the film. I did it all and it’s was extremely satisfying.

Thanks to Rincon Del Simmer for the tip!