Yo know Flo, the Progressive spokeslady that stars in those commercials on tv that when you see them, you feel like throwing the nearest object into it?  No?  Perhaps it’s just me then.  Anyhow, this Thursday Progressive will be introduced into The Sims Social in their new campaign.  Yep, you’re now going to be dealing with insurance – in a video game!  How freakin’ exciting!  Cause it’s just so wonderful to deal with the insurance company in real life, now my Sims will get to have the same joys and wonders I do! /sarcasm

“Whats interesting about a game  like The Sims is we can put players  through experiences we’d like them to do for real in a virtual world. When they’re in the market for real, they’ll think of us first,” he says. “I like to believe absolutely that sims need car insurance.”

Originally, the designers wanted to integrate Progressive by having players use insurance to fix things in their houses, but chose to focus the campaign entirely on Flo, Progressive’s trademark saleswoman. Player’s will complete a few tasks for her, and in the process, think about Progressive. The ads featuring Flo do have a sort of manic upbeat quality to them, and so it actually feels like a good fit for the Sims.

The quests will reward players with an energy-boosting unicorn. This might not seem like a big deal, but apparently, Sims Social fans have been practically beating EA’s door down demanding unicorns. As usual, the internet provides.

If I’m not mistaken, I think TheBlackScorpion likes these commercials…so with that saying, Go with the Flo (I had to squeeze that lame joke in there somehow, lol).

Source:  Forbes