Tears of sadness fill the void caused by EA’s treatment of The Sims Franchise. Today Sims Galore announced that they will shut down on February 1st. Read below for more info.

The End is Approaching as I have officially decided to join Simlish Sims and InfiniteSims and to close the site down. The main reasons are I have been doing this since 2008 and now I have purely lost all my interest in The Sims and I haven’t purchased an EP/SP since Generations. I have no energy to do this and my priorities have shifted to other things and I’m also getting older and there is much better things I should be doing than this.
I will continue to post until Wednesday 1st February 2012. I want to thank you all for visiting over the 3 years I have been doing this and to all the fansites who have help, especially SimCookie. I’m not sure what will happen after 1st, but I’ll probably keep paying the host until the domain expires in October.
Thanks again,