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H: Compared to the development of a really big expansion pack like Pets, roughly how long does the development of a stuff pack take?

J: The actual development does take about the same amount of time, but there’s a different focus for it. There are a couple of reasons it takes around the same amount of time. One is there’s a smaller team, and the other is that there is a different focus than when we create expansion pack. So to create the objects and the clothing, that takes around the same amount of time whether you’re doing an expansion pack or a stuff pack, it’s just with the expansion pack they’re making more of them. So with a smaller team, and the focus on  that, it winds up taking about the same amount of time. Plus there’s people that were working on both of them.


Thanks to BlackGarden for the tip!

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Another feeble attempt to justify both the Store, and this lacklustre Stuff Pack.
The Store is an overpriced rip off.
The Quality of the Clothes being produced is getting worse and worse. The never bother putting in the bump maps most of the time, so the clothes look like they are painted onto the Sim.
There really is a feeling of slow, but inexorable, deterioration in The Sims Franchise now.
This sums up the problem of laziness at EA:
H: Last week we saw a whole variety of new clothes, from some really cute pyjamas to some really raunchy undies, but does any of the new clothing work for pregnant Sims?
J: None of the clothing works, from these particular items, for pregnant Sims.
_If_ The Sims 4 ever comes out, I expect it will be even worse, where as it should have Graphics that are comparable to thing like Battlefield 3. The Sims looks incredible dated by comparison. The game is looking very tired.


The graphics HAVE to age as time goes on. When the game came out, it looked good, yet was optimized to be able to run on older hardware (so I’ve heard). Years later, you can’t expect it to be an amazing looking game. The same thing happened with the Sims 1 and the Sims 2. It ages, but with the subtle improvements, you can’t say it hasn’t tried, though, they have a LONG way to go.
In regards to the article, I left when when she said it takes up to a YEAR to produce a stuff pack, because the team was smaller. They put out more content monthly in the store then they do yearly for retail. I would love to know how big the store team is vs. the stuff pack team. That’s REALLY sad.