One reason why I don’t do interviews – because when you have multiple sites doing them, you tend to answer the same questions and of course, get similar answers. But still worth reading, I suppose 🙂

In relation with the development process of this game, what is the most difficult part and what is the part that you most enjoy doing as a producer?
You’re asking some really good questions! And King likes it too, he’s happy that your asking me difficult questions. The most difficult part of development… I would say that’s the part when you’ve decided what you’re going to do, you know what you want to build, but you don’t have it in your hands yet so it’s in the stage were people are building things. Sometimes what you are expecting to see is exactly what you get, and sometimes is not because you come across a technical difficulty. So I think is that waiting period were you don’t know what’s going to happen.
But it’s the unknown part where I’m like: how is it gonna be? What is it going to really look like when you get in the game? For me that’s the most complex part. I think also the most difficult thing too is when we get an unexpected bug when we first put this in the game. Say you have a dresser, it’s a dresser, we know how those are going to act in the game. Every once in a while the way it’s built, it might be a litte bit too small, it might be too large and it’s going to cause this problem you never expected to see and that’s also kind of fun trying to figure that out and get that fix. Why is this happening, that’s very interesting for me.
The most fun part is when I finally get to play with everything and test things and work with the team. My favorite part of development is working with other members of the team because as a producer I’m no longer building this stuff it’s the team and being able to work with them and see them build this stuff… The people on the team are just amazing, I can’t begin to tell you how talented and good people they are. That’s my favorite part of working on the team is being able to work with this people together.

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