If you’re a cheater like me, Platinum Simmers has some great tips for you!

Platinum Simmers and Cheat-Like Tips for FreePlayNeed-fulfilling objects such as toilets and fridges come in 3 “star levels”. The 3-star models will allow your Sims to complete actions in the shortest time given below, while the 1-star models will take the longest time. Even when the Sim’s needs are in the low red, you do not have to do the long actions to fill them back up. Here are the most effecient action for each need:

Hunger – Use turbo snack on the fridge (from 30 seconds to 10 seconds)
Bladder – The fastest way, if the bladder bar has gone completely down, is to have the Sim pee on themselves, but regular toilet only takes 15 seconds, expensive toilet takes 5 seconds.