Have any of you checked out The Muppets Movie?  It came out…I think two weeks ago in the States.  I know that for some, it won’t even hit your areas until February…but I must say, go and CHECK IT OUT!  Really worth it…I wasn’t even that much into The Muppets, but I went with a few of my friends and, well…was shocked.  It was perhaps one of the best, funny and most family-friendly movies of 2011.

The music is fantastic…ever since I saw it, I’ve been on YouTube listening to the soundtrack.  I’m attaching it below for any of you that may be interested.  I love “Are you a Man or Muppet”, “Life’s a Happy Song” and “Forget You”.


  1. I just came back from seeing it. The whole taking back the theater storyline has been done in a Muppets movie before but otherwise it was pretty awesome. My dad had a bunch of Muppets episodes on VHS and we would watch them together when I was a kid. He loves Beaker and I love Animal.

  2. I’m showing my age but I used to watch the Muppet Show as a little kid. I was debating on taking my 9 yr old out to see it. lol, the old men in the balcony & kermit were my favorite muppets, lol.


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