We’ve all played Tetris, or I hope you did…It’s one of the classic games everyone should have played at one point in their life.  Well, after all these years, Tetris still lives on, stronger than ever…according to EA.  In fact, it’s still so popular EA decided to introduce a subscription service to their iOS version that already costs $.99.  For $2.99 a month or $29.99 a year Subscribers will receive exclusive discounts and content, premium Tetris Log challenges, and a booster for progressing their Tetris Rank faster.

Ummm yeah…. If they are doing this for Tetris, you can bet yourself its going to happen to The Sims series (well, technically it did with The Sims Online)…but I think now it’s going to start to take shape as The Sims FreePlay…
Source:  Gamasutra


  1. This new fad is really annoying me. If the oranges have no juice how long will it take to realize that you have to stop squeezing them…

  2. Because someone young & dumb with weathly parents will do it just so they don’t have to interact with their offspring or the insuing tamtrum sure to follow if denied. Businesses cater to the well off, not the average joe who’ve shelled out thousands en masse and built their companies. ahem… *shrugs* as long as someone is willing to pay the trend will only worsen. Damn Consumerists…

  3. But they removed it from The Sims Online, and it got better. Then EA were not happy that it wasnt getting enough money fast enough, so the EA-Land team memeber, Cort, told me.


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