Hello Ladies and Gents, It’s time to once again play: Not Another Review of Pets!!!

Hi I’m your host Black Scorpion! Today we have a short review by Video Game Writers and even a paragraph on the console versions! Let’s start the show!

Maxis took the simulator genre to new heights in 2000 with The Sims. Here was a game that allowed you to control the minutia of people, from their bathroom habits to their love lives. Again, no story to speak of really, but there was the same addictive properties of SimAnt. Each new addition into The Sims family has expanded upon the features of the last, with shinier graphics and tighter control. The Sims 3 is the latest installment, and each expansion added allows you to manipulate (for good or evil) your digital people in entirely new ways.

To Be Continued

Source: SimsVIP