Yes! Oh yes! It’s time to play: Not Another Review of Pets! Hi, I’m your host Black Scorpion and this morning we have a review of Pets by Sims Adventures! Let’s take a look at their review.

Sims Adventures Reviews PetsAfter some browsing around the world, I decided to create a new family. And I should always like the new hairstyles, clothes and make-up look. What struck me is that there are few new hairstyles have been added. I find this unfortunate, I had expected more different styles that really belong in the riding. In the men I found a nice hairstyle and also cool. The clothes there against I really really nice! There are many to come and you can even fun sims outfits riding up. Then I make a dog. What features tell! I’ve not all been tried. But you can change everything. Be really cool if you can really customize your pets as a way you want.

To Be Continued…?

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