I loved the Super Nintendo…in my opinion, it was the best console of all times.  Countless hours were wasted on the Donkey Kong Country Series, Super Mario World, Zombies Ate My Neighbors, and SimCity.  I still have my original SimCity game for the SNES, while I sold the other ones (I kind of wish I hadn’t).  You know, this reminds me…I may consider jumping onto Ebay and pick up an SNES and some of those games again.  Sure, you can get them on the Wii Console, but its not the same.

Looking back at SimCity for SNES

Interestingly, the Super Nintendo version of the game was developed internally by Nintendo themselves, which I believe accounts for the charm and polish not found in other versions. The core game remains the same: Zone areas as residential, commercial and industrial, set up transportation, make sure everything is receiving adequate power, then sit back and see if anyone decides to live in your little city, tweaking and adding additions as time marches on, all set to some very excellent music. There are certain buildings unique to the SNES version; occasionally, certain districts will develop in unplanned ways, such as schools or hospitals popping up. Additionally, at certain times you’ll be rewarded with structures such as parks, convention centers, and even a statue of Mario, assuming your city is doing well enough.

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