So you came to the conclusion that you’re a little bored with The Sims Social or perhaps you have wasted all of your energy and cannot do anything for awhile.  A Reddit user by the name of er TheButterflyman started messing around and used the floor tiles to create Pixel art.  Neat idea!

Bored with Sims Social?  Try Pixel Art!

“Sims Social got boring, so I started using it as a pixel-art canvas.” And what better place to start than one of the most iconic characters in all of video games?

For the record, if you’d like to create your own Mario, it looks like most of the ingredients here are fairly cheap. Just head into the game’s store (specifically the Build section, and then click on Tiles) and start placing individual pieces of Red Carpet (20 coins each), Clay (five coins each) and Charcoal tiles (five coins each) in the proper pattern. To add the white background, you’ll need plenty of Snow floor tiles, which also cost 5 coins each. Of course, you’ll need to store all of your original rooms first, but as those rooms can be stored and then replaced with all items inside intact, this could make for a fun little time waster while waiting for your energy to recharge in the game.