I wonder if Jud also sent in some questions due to so many other sites doing so… Oh! Didn’t see you there. SimsVIP is the latest fan site to recieve answers to their questions about pets via a Producer Q&A. Check out a sample below and then the full 8 page Q&A when you click the link.

♦ Will Pets have a completely separate CAS, or will we be able to make Sims & Pets together in one CAS?
There is Create a Sim and Create a Pet now. However, you will automatically be switched between the two when you select what you’d like to create

♦ We saw unique backgrounds in CAS for Pets from E3, will we have different backdrops for pets?
Create a Pet has its own unique backdrop.

♦ Now that the player can play as a pet, will we be able to create a household and play as only the pet? Or will there have to be a Sim in the house?
You will need at least 1 Young Adult Sim in every household.