Like several other fan sites, Sims Nieuws sent a list of questions about Pets to the SimGuru’s. These are their answers.

Question from Arnoud:
What is different between the gameplay of the pets and Sims?

Pets are fully controllable in a similar manner to the Sims, but considering they’re different animals, of course they have different needs and wishes that have to be met to keep them happy in life. Horses are large creatures, so they like to get out and exercise, and they build up a big thirst doing that. Cats are well known for their sharp claws, and if you don’t give them a constructive way to scratch, you may just find your furniture torn up. Dogs can get a bit destructive if they aren’t well trained, so if you don’t want them knocking over trash cans and digging holes in the yard, send them out into the world to work on their hunting skill!

Question from Yanyo:
Do your pets have to be a breed or is it possible to create something made up?

One of the awesome things about the Sims is that you game can be as normal or as wildly creative as you want! Cats and dogs alone have over 100 real breeds for players to select from, but if you want to go nuts and create a fantasy creature that’s entirely up to you. Want a horse with zebra stripes? How about a skeleton dog? Perhaps a bright blue cat? The choice is yours!

Question from hiki:
Do the animals have flees or any other vermin on them?

Cats and dogs have the chance to catch fleas, and similar to how they’re annoying pests in real life, you’ll definitely want to help your animal with them in the game. Pets who have fleas can start to spread them to other pets and even Sims as they interact with each other, until eventually you have a household going nuts itching and scratching themselves. Be sure to give your pets medicated flea baths!