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Telegraaf Reviews Pirates and NoblesIn March, Electronic Arts made a trip with The Sims Middle of the fixed Sims series. The game was about to perform missions and managing the kingdom and less fortunate to keep the Sims. Recently the first expansion pack: The Sims Medieval: Pirates and Adel.

Nobility or piracy?

The new package will not create significant changes to The Sims Middle Ages. So you still do not own castle. However brings more missions with him and a war between the pirates on the one hand and the nobility on the other. To the player the task of peace to try to close or otherwise take sides in the war.

To try to make peace, the player must perform various missions. One of the first is to treat both parties at the court. For that food can be removed and a hostess, and musician are chosen. There are always two choices, and gradually you find yourself an edge is increased.


Source: Sims Nieuws