A few months ago a some of the Sims fan sites sent questions about Pets to the Sims Team, iSims was one of those sites. Today, they have the answers to those questions.

1.) Will there be any other pets than dogs,cats,horses,turtles and the other announced pets? If, what kind of pets?
You’ll discover many different types of pets for the Sims to interact with. In addition to the cats, dogs, and horses that players can take direct control over, you’ll find smaller critters like turtles, snakes, lizards, rodents, and birds that Sims can find and bring into their homes. There are lots of great interactions with each one, including things like teaching your bird to talk!

2.) Except horses, cats, dogs and other home pets, are we getting racoons and deers making mess all over the town?
There are different types of wildlife that you’ll find roaming through the world as you play The Sims 3 Pets. Raccoons and deer may visit your hard, spilling trash cans or eating from your garden. Stray cats and dogs can stop by from time to time as well. My favorite though is the herd of wild horses which you can actually befriend, ultimately breaking one so that it will join your household!