Playfish – SimSocial Survey


Are you unhappy that a lot of objects in the Sims Social requires real money? Do you love the game, but hate having to bug your friends to increase a skill? Does neither of those things bother you and you absolutely love The Sims Social? Well don’t tell me, tell Playfish in their new survey. Click the image below to be redirected and let them know how you feel about the game.

Playfish - SimSocial Survey


  1. I actually went and started to fill this out, but got stuck when I had to drag items from the left to the right in order of what I’d like to see improved – would not do it at all; it just kept selecting everything instead of the one item. Got fed up and came out – I so wanted to tell them what I thought about the game too… If anyone can get that part working, please share; I’ll go back in give them a piece of my mind!


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