There’s a new patch available today for Darkspore. As always, open your launcher to install the patch.

• New Level DB’s Place!(Pictured Above)

• Destructables no longer give health/energy leech
• Hero Profile now properly shows ability modifier loot stats and affected stats on ability
• Hero Collection button no longer affected by number of Secondary Stats in UI
• Objectives no longer display in PvP
• User can no longer buy Hands & Feet from Item Store unless they are at or above the minimum required level.
• Taunting Darkspore now always aggros source for the duration

• 15 new ability loot!
• “-% damage from *type*” loot does damage reduction, not dodge %
• Fix for displaced effect on Lumin’s Weapon (Galvanic Rod of Expertise)

• Amphiod Rex no longer skips attack animations
• Undermind Burn now thrwated by Immune to Burning Loot
• Plasma and Necro Operatives obey player limits when they spawn
• Verdanth boss now times out consume if blocked

• Pyretic Spikes upgrade now uses same coefficient upgrade for all targets

• Attractor Bomb can now be hit by ranged attacks

• basic no longer permanently poisons enemies
• Sporogenesis:
o Healing now recovers debuffs.
o Extra healing per debuff, up to 4.
o Total possible healing is double previous amount.

• Gravity Storm effect disappears when interrupted

Source: Sims Galore


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