With the news of EA reviving some of their old franchises, one can only hope that they’ll get Maxis to consider coming back to bring us SimCity 5.  Lucy Bradshaw or any other Maxis staff members, if you are reading this, please, PLEASE know that you have a huge fanbase awaiting the return of one of your biggest games – the game that practically put your company on the map.

Gameranx composed the following articles on 5 must-have features that should be included in the next true version of SimCity – all very great ones.  I love the what they had to say on their first feature, Nostalgia Elements:

Nostalgia isn’t something the developers can easily dismiss. For the series’ older fan base, allowing them to rekindle old memories something to consider—like that giant alien spider thing, Godzilla from the first SimCity game, or even that old reticulating splines joke. EA did a fantastic job in using that same old humor Maxis fans all love in The Sims 3. Something I think people would really love, would be to use remixed versions of old music, or new and improved copies of previous building designs. It really hits the right chords in the heart to let yourself be a kid again because all the old “friends” are back.

Everyone who grew up playing all the old sim games is an adult now, and is likely to have children of their own. Something that could bridge a gap between the generations would put this game at the top of our lists.

Developers should not only learn from their mistakes but improve on old concepts, but if something works, don’t fix it. That said, the game’s focus should be on the City itself—feature creep be damned. We don’t need the game to focus on families, neighborhoods or even states. Cities alone will do.

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  1. ONe feature I would love : 1st Person Camera, i.e walking around your OWN city! even drive, then, summoning a tonrado and seeing it rip through your city from FIRST PERSON VIEW!


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