This is something i’ve been wanting to do for quite a while – showcase some of the awesome custom content in the community and talents within people. I asked back in March about custom content you liked, and here are some of them…

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Featured Custom Creation

Madison City
Madison City is a wonderful world and was sent into us by Robold95. This world features a unique charm with many areas for your Sims to explore. This world is perfect for any simmer – whether you are living the suburban dream or want to introduce some nightclubs to spice up the nightlife!

Click here to learn more and find out how to download!




Featured Custom Content Site


Parsimonious is a website for your custom content needs. Featuring clothing, objects and more for The Sims series of games! Some of the creations on the site are very awesome, and I would highly recommend checking out this custom content website if you are looking for new clothing for your game, many things are much nicer than content you find in the store!

Visit Parsimonious


Featured Machinima
The Hundreds is a unique machinima created with The Sims 2. The Hundreds was created by SnapshotOfASoul and is currently on episode two, part three. I love watching this series and it’s a teen-based drama. The sets are awesome! If I only I could do machinima like this. Be sure to check it out below.

Viewer discretion is advised when watching the video.



Be sure to comment leaving more suggestions for machinimas, your favourite custom content sites and custom content!


  1. Spon1Player,

    I might consider downloading it, if they had a CC free version, because that can cause some serious problems, and EA won’t fix them if it does.


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