If you downloaded the neighborhoods are available from the EA Store or official expansions and / or had the opportunity to play them, must have realized that many of the standard buildings (city hall, hospital, etc.) are very similar in the vicinity. And this fact, Electronic Arts has changed all these buildings in Plains Appaloosa thus becomes something more fun and enjoyable to play, but it would be good if that happened in all cities.

Parks and other community centers are fantastically detailed and fun to have a good time playing, allowing your Sims to explore new places, like our pets. Also you can find new places in town to spend time with your cats or even your horse trying to cram in place, otherwise you may have problems! Cats can scratch countertops at home, ruining couches, beds and other furniture, so it’s good to let these animals are well educated, no? Your Sim can also be lucky enough (or not) to find a treasure excavated by animals in different locations around the city, however, is not an easy thing to do as in The Sims 2, where many spent hours and hours digging to get rich, even in her backyard.

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