We all know that sometimes news from Brazil regarding Sims isn’t always true. That in mind, The Sims Style has reported that Brazil will also get the Limited Edition of Pets. Not 100% sure about the Google Translation, but it appears that they will get both the  Digital and Physical versions. Also, their physical version will come with a dog collar. If true, it better be the same thing for US simmers who are getting Pets LE. Getting left out is not cool EA.

Hello Simmers! Amid the day “stuck” and no news, our partner SimsDomination found information of upcoming releases from Warner Bros. Games, the site KotakuBrasil . Among the releases is The Sims 3 Pets: Limited Edition, which until now did not know if it would be sold in Brazil, and of course, its digital download by Origin. She is so sold on its physical version in Brazil, and with even more gifts!

Source: The Sims Style